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Sowing God's Word   Law of First Things   What Were You Thinking?
Mark Chapter 4:
Parable of the Sower. The sower sows the word of God. Sower can be a preacher or a anyone else. Faith comes by hearing and hearing by the Word of God. It is the seed of the Word of God that produces the fruit.
  God requires the first things in our lives. God wants to be number one in our lives. These first things that God requires are also the things that are God's that causes blessing and redemption to fall on all the other things.   Phillipians chapter 4:
Having our thought life under control. What we do many times is reflective of what we are thinking. The mind is the battlefield. It is important for us to get our thought life in control.

Pray for our Troops

Where is Eternal Life?   Believe for the Miracle   The Body and the Blood
Matt 19:16
The bible teaches that eternal life is a certain place. Jesus was teaching kingdom principles. We must enter into eternal life. The way we enter into eternal life is by obeying God. Christ came to make us righteousness before God through him.
  You can never receive more than what you can see that is unseen. Abraham had so much confidence in the promise that God had given him. He told the people before he left to go up the mountain that they would be back. He knew that God would raise Isaac from the dead.   John 6:53
The life of God was not in bulls and goats but the life of God was in Jesus to cleanse us and make us white as snow. By faith you are receiving that crucified nature of Christ that is that old man of sin.

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